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凯发k8娱乐网页_凯发国际app_凯发手机下载 is a trademark, logo and brand exclusively created and copyright protected by Sun Hsing Light Metal Ltd.
With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of lighting related products and metal hardware. Sun Hsing started in 1976 and began as a manufacturer of all types of home lighting parts and hardware. Our products mainly supplied the home furnishing and lighting industry in Taiwan. By initializing our contacts with trading companies in 1984, our sales have expanded to America, Europe and Australia.
In order to maintain a competitive edge in the industry, Sun Hsing invested in a factory in China in 1996. With the purpose of creating complete production line that covered mainly finished and unfinished components and hardware, as well as the assembled finished products. Included in this process are specifications such as tooling and die-making, all types of metal fabrications of stamping, spinning, casting and arm bending, painted or plated color finishes, and other finishing assembly touches, which are determined as per the requests of each individual customer. Therefore, we are capable of providing our customers with complete OEM/ODM manufacturing solutions for Home Lighting Industry.
Over the years, we have been implementing our experience and manufacturing know-how to China local suppliers to create an even more integrated supply chain management to fulfill the needs of different customers. Our end customers have been Home Depo, Walmart, Seagull Lighting, Progress Lighting and various kinds of customers around the globe.
By the launching our own brand 凯发k8娱乐网页_凯发国际app_凯发手机下载, we are now ready to offer our customers a brand that is backed up by UL and CUL electrical standard with incredible price. Allowing our customers sell and distribute good quality lighting fixture with highly competitive pricing. Sun Hsing is equipped with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. From ordering raw materials to making finished products, we make sure our customers have the right prices with right quality on their products. 
With the constant changes and innovations in the lighting technology, LED and Energy Saving Lighting have become more important in the lighting industry as the energy saving has become so important to our environments and green earth.  We have partnered up with our customers to develop Energy Star compatible lighting fixtures such as GU24 based lighting  fixtures and LED lighting fixtures.     As the increasing needs for every country around the world to achieve more energy saving by offering more energy-efficient products, we believe our new directions will help our customers to achieve even more success in their business . Moreover, we can help to improve the environments for our green earth in a better cause.




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